One of the best model shops I have ever been to especially for railways and advice.


Absolute magic. My mum, dad, nan and grandad used to bring me in when I was a child in the late 80’s/early 90’s to add to my collection of Britain’s Farm Toys. I still have them! Recently I’ve brought my own son in to buy the same! Such a special shop, by far the best service and customer care ever. A good old fashioned shop that’s very special. I hope I can bring my son in for years to come, who knows, maybe I’ll bring my grandson in one day!


Awesome toy shop such lovely friendly people and family owned shop x


This shop has good old fashion service values who staff go out of there way to provide good service if they haven’t got the toy you want they will get it in for you.


Best toy store I have ever been in. Have been going here for 30 years


best toy shop around been shopping with them since 1968


Excellent shop, excellent friendly service. Good stock of sports equipment, toys and models. For the model railway enthusiast you won’t find better. New and used items. Will is always ready to help and advise. The best shop of it’s type I know.


A lovely shop. Nothing too much trouble. Excellent customer service no wonder they’ve been there 60 years!!


By far THE BEST board games and models shop in the local area. Staff very friendly and helpful. The selection of model kits, paints, varnishes and tools is simply insane. The games section is overwhelming. As much as the owners are happy to leave you alone to do your browsing, you will need help 🙂 If you’re looking for something in particular, and they don’t have it give them a week and they will!

Their customer service is unbeatable: I once bought an Airfix model (in a different shop) and the assembly instructions were missing. I contacted Airfix customer support, who didn’t bother responding for months! While I was waiting, I popped around there to chat with the guy who runs the models section. He got hold of the instructions within a week! And unlike Airfix there was no: ‘Oh where did you buy it?’ or ‘Do you have a receipt?’ a simple ‘Sure, no problem’ and a call few days later, asking to come to the store to pick it up. Couldn’t recommend this shop enough. If only every single shop was like this, shopping would always be a pleasure.


I have been coming to this shop for 3 years now. It’s amazing. The staff are all lovely and can help you immediately Xxx


Osbornes is a great toy shop and stock everything! If you are looking for a specific toy try this shop first!


Fantastic quality…great toys..and love spreading the cost of pressies with their Christmas club… smile emoticon


This is a family run shop that has been in Rushden for as long as I can remember. There have been many times in the past where I have been looking for a particular toy and searched out of town for it, only to find that Osbournes had it in stock all the time.
It is quite a small store, but it stocks loads. It is quite amazing at all the things that is in stock.
There is one section for toys and games and another part which is dedicated to sports clothes and equipment.
The staff are really friendly and helpful and you get more of a personal service rather than the big toy stores.
If you live nearby then I would recommend trying this store first as they probably have what you are looking for and it is good to keep our small family run shops alive.


Lovely toy shop my boys love it, not surprising I guess.