By far THE BEST board games and models shop in the local area. Staff very friendly and helpful. The selection of model kits, paints, varnishes and tools is simply insane. The games section is overwhelming. As much as the owners are happy to leave you alone to do your browsing, you will need help 🙂 If you’re looking for something in particular, and they don’t have it give them a week and they will!

Their customer service is unbeatable: I once bought an Airfix model (in a different shop) and the assembly instructions were missing. I contacted Airfix customer support, who didn’t bother responding for months! While I was waiting, I popped around there to chat with the guy who runs the models section. He got hold of the instructions within a week! And unlike Airfix there was no: ‘Oh where did you buy it?’ or ‘Do you have a receipt?’ a simple ‘Sure, no problem’ and a call few days later, asking to come to the store to pick it up. Couldn’t recommend this shop enough. If only every single shop was like this, shopping would always be a pleasure.